About us

Live with passion

There comes a moment when you come to the decision that you want to live. You drop your suit, open the door to the world and start living every moment. You stop wasting precious time on unnecessary things.

You surround yourself with people who share your passion and who want to get outside and live fully.
This is who we are. Hungry for life, hungry for cycling adventures, hungry for further challenges – wanting to experience more.

They say that we infect with energy, enthusiasm, optimism and we implement crazy plans with commitment. We try to remain authentic and persevere through hardships.
If you need to recharge your batteries and you love to get around on two wheels then you have found the right place!


The bike does not require perfection from you, at the beginning all you need is. Don’t calculate
do not assume how much time you drive and certainly do not plan, just start pedaling and ride by yourself. Don’t do anything by force, but get carried away. If you catch the bug, it’s great, if you don’t go fishing – maybe you’ll find your second self there. With time, if you want to achieve more, you are not only painful but also satisfied. Passion is born by itself, it is not planned, it is not cultivated, it is simply part of us. It’s for her later you will give up less important things, because she becomes important to you. It gives joy, enthusiasm, produces endorphins. It becomes part of yours.