Bike painting can be an exciting opportunity in your relationship with your bike. When the bike becomes your best friend with whom you have a lot of experiences, you start to live with it in a specific symbiosis. You take care of it differently – not just mechanically, but also aesthetically. You buy her gadgets, you upgrade the parts and even give her a new skin. After all, you want the bike to express who you are, because it really is a part of you.

Bike painting is a bit like getting a tattoo. People who have well-contemplated tattoos will understand that it wasn’t just an accident. A lot of thought went into the final product. For Brenda (member of our team), her bicycle is an indispensable part of her life adventure. When approaching the frame color design, it would be difficult to incorporate symbols from all the places it has visited. Therefore, we focused on the motifs that describe its predatory nature.

Not every painter is worth recommending

Before we present the results of our work, a few words about the experience. It is worth giving your equipment into the hands of enthusiasts. More importantly, not every professional painter is passionate 😉

The Velove company is a brand focused on creating unique bicycles. They build custom bicycle designs, produce their own track frames in Poland, and artistically paint bicycle frames and components. Bicycles created on their own bicycle frames Torro have probably traveled every continent.
They say that bike painting helps highlight the beauty of the mechanical aspects of the bicycle. As a result, the bike owner can travel with a unique design all around the world.

Challenges with Bike Painting

The bike has actually been through a lot. The frame carries battle marks and scratches confirming its off-road heritage and experiences. It wasn’t an ordinary pain job. Not only did we need to repair the structural integrity of the frame, but we also wanted to renew the appearance of the bike.

What came out – see for yourself.

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