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The Transfagarasan Highway

The Transfagarasan Highway – If we can’t do it, then who can?There are stories that unfold sporadically and the genesis of this trip is one of those stories.  While having a beer at the pub with some friends, we couldn’t help but start dreaming. In those moments quickly...

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The bike does not require perfection from you, at the beginning all you need is. Don’t calculate
do not assume how much time you drive and certainly do not plan, just start pedaling and ride by yourself. Don’t do anything by force, but get carried away. If you catch the bug, it’s great, if you don’t go fishing – maybe you’ll find your second self there. With time, if you want to achieve more, you are not only painful but also satisfied. Passion is born by itself, it is not planned, it is not cultivated, it is simply part of us. It’s for her later you will give up less important things, because she becomes important to you. It gives joy, enthusiasm, produces endorphins. It becomes part of yours.