Freedom is nothing else but a chance to try to taste life.
Several times in my life I have soared above reality and touched the mystical world. Some say it’s a lot, others say it’s not enough. For me, it’s definitely not enough as each instance was special in itself, unique and not repeatable …

With head in the clouds

Imagine a space where you are surrounded by mountains and cannot see the horizon in any direction but
the endless sky provides an outlet from this valley where only silence and a light wind are your companions – ubiquitous and unfettered freedom. The wind, which is crisp, smells of snow and ice because it comes from the highest mountains. Looking up, you can see how the summits are dancing together with snowflakes.
The dance is enveloped in the sun’s rays, which here and there shine through this frosty dust and caress
our faces, sometimes reminding us of her wild presence.

You sit there and absorb everything, you don’t even mind the cold. You get tired after an intensive bike-climb and everything hurts because you only reach such heights by fighting. Your skin smells different, it smells of salt residue, which can even be seen standing on your arm hair.  You look down and see clouds … completely under your feet, at your fingertips. Some cumulonimbus are writhing, and you have the impression that you can walk on them because they are so thick.

At times like this, one can feel moments of true clarity rivaled only by the most spiritual experiences. If you ever have the pleasure of experiencing such metaphysical moments even briefly, it means there is still a chance for you. It envelopes the soul, mind and body.  It leaves its mark on the mind and the heart forever. 

I wish each of you the opportunity to gain an Everest cycling experience. My world has always had colors and smells because I got to know it organoleptically.  Without these sensations, I wouldn’t be able to survive, for only they make me feel alive.

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