Playlist - Beeginer Traveler

We dedicate the beginner level page to those who are just discovering the world of adventure. They don’t need extreme experiences and can enjoy the small things.

Believe me, you can be surprised if you choose this option, because even the not so extraordinary places near you, such as the forest next to your house, can prove to be a setting for a great adventure and experience. 

Here you will find ideas for a few days or weekend getaways, which are most often also carried out on a microbudget. Think of home bicycle survival, which is literally available to everyone. This option only obliges you to get up and do something, anything. You really don’t have to do anything more like weeks of preparation, additional equipment, etc.

Remember, any physical activity has a positive effect on you, and cycling in particular improves mood and increases the production of endorphins. The benefits are priceless: contact with nature and a huge smile on your face.

Don’t forget to invest your time in these activities because this is what matters the most, especially the time you spend with your family. These small trips can sow the seed of adventure in your kids, who will reap the benefits later on in life through their adventures and experiences. Even if this is not the case, the moments spent together will be a great souvenir that they carry their whole lives.

A fox sneaking under a tent at night, or skylights illuminating the black sky. A fisherman who will take you fishing and feed you the catch of the day when you are driving through a village where all the shops have just closed. There can be many such wonderful memories.


The bike does not require perfection from you, at the beginning all you need is. Don’t calculate
do not assume how much time you drive and certainly do not plan, just start pedaling and ride by yourself. Don’t do anything by force, but get carried away. If you catch the bug, it’s great, if you don’t go fishing – maybe you’ll find your second self there. With time, if you want to achieve more, you are not only painful but also satisfied. Passion is born by itself, it is not planned, it is not cultivated, it is simply part of us. It’s for her later you will give up less important things, because she becomes important to you. It gives joy, enthusiasm, produces endorphins. It becomes part of yours.