It is said that passion is a choice that requires effort. You will most likely have to sacrifice to achieve big goals. There is a lot of truth in this, but in such an extreme, sports form it only applies to a few. Not every average person must leave the family for half a year to achieve their desired goal. Most of us try to organize the calendar in such a way as to combine pleasure for ourselves and for loved ones. For us, it is quite obvious. We’re think about adventure for whole family. Part of the trips we plan to take into account our kids. There are some bicycle trips which we dedicate especially to them.


The answer is simple – give your time to your loved ones and you will see how much you can gain. Do not cover the home calendar under the ceiling, do not organize extra activities for children every day, sometimes improvise. We try to fill time with adventures, also those micro near our home. We smuggle bicycle trips wherever possible and as often as possible. For the reason that we will plant a seed in the kids – wanting to reach for more.

Finally, we believe that every weather is good for a quick getaway/ adventure. Even winter is not an excuse to sit at home. Just dress warmly and start moving – it can be even warmer than you think. The idea for a fatbike sleigh ride came to us one December evening. With our befriended team we organized a bicycle trip to sledge around the slopes. Was it easy: not at all. Did we have fun at it – by all means, were the kids happy – 100%

See for yourself

The island of KRK (Croatia) has gained the name of our cycling island. We visit this place once a year. For us it is only 1200 km from home to adventure. 12 hours of driving to topple in the warm Adriatic Sea. Sleep under a tent and perform descents, ramps on two wheels.

Croatia is second to none in this category.

A micro trip can also be a fantastic experience for all your family

We encourage not only cycling activities. Every sport is fun, every time together is a plus. If you are looking for inspiration, follow our cycling adventures for children.

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